Natasha/Vocalist & Songwriter

I was Born in Osaka, Japan. My unforgettable experience in music was at the age of 16, when I went to Austria, Belgium and Holland as a member of a chorus club. I realized how wonderful music was by making us one regardless of language, culture, and background.

In college I started music career and learned to sing Jazz. After college, I moved to USA, got MA of Teaching Foreign Languages at Monterey Institute of International Studies, CA and taught Japanese at University of California, Los Angeles Extension, staying in USA for totally five years. I moved to Singapore for two years, and lived in France for a year which allowed me to travel a lot around the world.

Moving back to Japan, in 2008 I started a professional career as a Jazz vocalist in a big band. Since then I have been singing Jazz in a various styles: duos, trios, and quartets in various types of places from small jazz clubs to big concert halls.

In 2012 I composed my first original song, YOUTUBE https://www.youtube.com/user/TheNatasha33333 and started writing one song after another. Some songs are in a Jazz style and some are more pop in style. In 2013, I released my first CD which is sold on the internet and in CD shops. Until the release of my CD I was singing only in my hometown of Osaka, after the release of the CD I started to sing in other cities such as Tokyo, Nagoya, and Hiroshima. In March of 2017, my first international concert was held in Taiwan which was a great success. In June 2017, my second CD album “Unlimited” will be released http://tower.jp/artist/2358810. The new CD has a variety of styles of songs from Jazz swing to Asian and African rhythm with a touch of French to add to the mix. The continuous message of all the songs is to express “You have unlimited possibilities.”
The catch copy of the 2nd CD Unlimited : “After you were healed by Natasha’s 1st CD, you will be encouraged and empowered by her 2nd CD. You can be re-born anytime!”
Connecting this to myself, I moved to Tokyo in Fall 2017, and developing new possibilities to sing of course in Japan and also all over the world.
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